Oral Health Tips for You and Family

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a kid in dental clinic

As a parent, we have many responsibilities. The kids may seem like they have grown up, but in reality, there have not yet learned the habits necessary for their well-being. Kids still do not know when to have their meals. If you let them do as they please, their mealtime is random, which can be bad for the development of their digestive system. And the same behavior applies in the way the kids keep the hygiene of their mouth.

Raising awareness of oral health should be done since early ages. Kids have to understand that they need to brush their teeth regularly. Otherwise, bacteria might infect the gum tissues and weaken the tooth. Kids with unaligned teeth structure are most likely to develop crooked teeth condition.

Scheduling the Dentist Visit

Ideally, visiting the dentist should be done once in three months. And on average, if you cannot afford that frequency, twice a year is still acceptable. Do not think that by flossing and brushing you can counter all the oral health problems. Plaques remain on the teeth no matter how harshly you brush your teeth. Besides, rough brushing can damage the enamel part of the teeth. As a result, you may experience the receding gum condition, which makes the sensitive root area of the teeth exposed.

Going to a dentist can prevent the plaques to develop into tartar buildup. And for kids, cavities-causing bacteria which thrive on a high-sugar diet can be eliminated earlier before they can lead to a severe condition.

dental health for kidsIf your kids are still in the juvenile age, you have to accompany them to go to the dentist. Kids learn by example, not by commands. Choose dental clinics which specialize in handling a family. Their crews know best how to calm down a frightened child. Family dental clinics often use fun media to distract the child from the fear of getting a tooth treatment. The doctor knows how to converse with kids. And the nurses will treat your families warmly. Those are facilities you will be least likely to get from the regular clinics for adults.

Tell a Narrative of Oral Health

When dealing with kids, you cannot expect them to be interested in knowing all the alien health terms the adults use. You should think like a child, whose mind is attracted to creative things with imagination. One alternative is to introduce them to oral hygiene through storybooks.

There are also kid’s educational channels on YouTube, such as Kids Learning Videos and ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs. They can visually stimulate kid’s brain to learn about oral health.

Keep the Discipline and Integrity

kids brushing teeth

Discipline and integrity are two essential traits you have to enforce in the family if you want to teach new behaviors to the kids. You cannot expect your kids to obey the rules without you and your partner giving them examples.

You need to make sure that everyone in the household, your parenting partner, the older kids, and the maids all work together to teach the kids by showing them what is right. Coordinate the schedule for the adults to accompany the kids while brushing teeth. It may seem like a trivial idea, but behavior modification only works with small but intense enforcement.

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