Factors To Consider If You Want To Get Pregnant

2016-04-22 0 Comments

For most people, realizing the real essence of being a woman can only be achieved by bearing a child and becoming a mother. Being a mom is no easy task for it involves a lot of challenges. One of these is the conception itself. Many women all around the globe are suffering from infertility that is why they can’t conceive no matter what they do. For some, they are having a hard time due to lack of ovulation. If you are one of them, you can check the pregnancy miracle review. You will be educated on how to get pregnant naturally. Grab a copy of Lisa Olson’s book and watch a miracle unfold!

How to get pregnant naturally?

pregnantThere are several things that you can do to get pregnant without involving artificial methods. Procedures like artificial insemination are expensive and not all women can afford them. And so, if you want to see a child of your own pretty soon, consider the following factors.

Your lifestyle and physical health

Being physically fit is quite important when you are aiming to conceive. This includes a close monitoring of your weight. You have to make sure that you are not underweight nor overweight because both of these can significantly affect your chances of getting pregnant. The best thing that you need to do is to exercise regularly. You can do aerobics, yoga, jogging, and other workouts that will enhance your circulation and the functioning of your lungs. Additionally, you have to watch out what you are eating. As much as possible, dwell on fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods and other unhealthy cravings.

Also, you have to take a look at your lifestyle. You have to stay away from cigarettes, liquors, and most of all, illegal drugs. All these have adverse effects on your fertility.

Your ovulation

pregnant womanWhen you monitor your ovulation, you have to count the days starting from the very first day you got your period for the month. Usually, if your cycle takes 28 days, the 14th day from the first day of your period will be your ovulation period. This will take 2 to 3 days, and so, this would be the right time for you and your partner to have sexual intercourse.

Position during sexual intercourse

Studies have shown that the missionary position is the best way to do it for it allows deeper penetration. Hence, there will be less travel distance for the sperm to meet and fertilize the eggs. Also, it would help if you lay on your back for a few minutes after sexual intercourse.…