Health Benefits of MCT Oils

MCT oils
2018-06-27 0 Comments

What are MCT oils? MCT fats are healthy oils mostly extracted from coconut oil. From a biological perspective, MCT is an abbreviation for their chemical composition medium-chain triglycerides. The popularity of these oils has everything to do with the potent health benefits they offer – from enhanced weight loss management and improved memory to heart health. These oils are also known to help fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. That said, here are some health benefits linked to adding mct oil to your diet.

Boosts Energy

mct oil

MCT oil is known to be easier to digest than other fats. In addition, these oils are stored in the liver and not in any other organ. These are the two main reasons that make these fats perfect for boosting energy. Their medium or short structure means that they are quickly broken down. Also, since they are stored in the liver, they are rapidly metabolized and converted to energy.

Good for Your Heart

Numerous studies confirm that MCT oils may help in curbing unhealthy levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar – all of which have a direct impact on your health. The medium-sized nature of MCT oil and the fact it is stored in the liver for quick metabolism go a long way in suppressing fat deposition in major organs like the heart, and improved sensitivity; both of which are vital in improving your heart health along with other lifestyle ailments.

Aids in Weight Loss

Replacing ordinary fats with MCT oil could help you shed some excess weight. Again, this has everything to do with the storage of MCT oil and, at the same time, the ease of metabolism. Based on clinical studies conducted on individuals, individuals on medium-chain fats burn more calories, which goes a long way in aiding the fat burning process.

Good for Alzheimer’s Patients

healthy familyAlzheimer’s is not just a disease for the aged. In fact, the number of people under the age of 65 suffering from this condition has been on the rise in recent years. Individuals who have Alzheimer’s show significant improvement from taking MCT oil. Thus, if either you or someone you know is suffering from this condition, MCT oil could help you lessen the effects of this condition or prevent them altogether.

Most benefits of MCT oil have been scientifically proven whereas others are yet to be established. All in all, there is enough evidence to show that MCT oil are generally good for your health. If you need to lead a healthy life, replace conventional fats with these healthier alternatives.…