Vertical Jump Training – How To Reach For The Sky

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2015-07-14 0 Comments

There are some joyous times in your life when you might feel the need to take a leap in the air and reach for the sky. And then, you might also feel the need for a sky-high vertical jump if you happen to be a fitness freak.

Unfortunately, vertical jumps need training, and jump training is quite tediously difficult. For one thing, your own vertical jump Training body and inherent physical nature will not quite agree with it. For some reason or the other, the force of gravity will bring you down even as you may try. So, here are some tips to defy gravity and have the perfect vertical jump.

Untie The Knots

Your muscles are lumps and knots of flesh and nerves that thrive on oxygen and help you to carry out your basic physical functions without any obstacle. However, these muscles are also your limitations when it comes to trying for a vertical jump. So, to make sure that your training sessions go smoothly, try and untie the knots of the muscles. The knots can be found everywhere in your muscles. To smoothen the muscles and make them agile, use a roller that can be applied on these knots. The rollers will help to make your muscles agile.

Squats- Bulgarian Style

Squats are the preferred choice when it comes to building your legs for athletic running and jumping activities. While Sumo Squats and regular versions are good enough, also do try out the Bulgarian Split Squats. Stand a little distance away from a bench, hold dumbbells in your hands and use your non-working foot to hoist yourself up. While you vertical jump Training 05stand up on the bench, make sure that, as you descend, your back knees go down and almost hit the floor. It can be quite exhausting initially. But once you get the hang of it, it works wonders.

Depth Jumps

These are the most exciting ways in which you can actually perfect your jump training. Take a bench that is about 6-8 inches off the ground. Stand on it. Take a huge jump from the bench. But even as you might be going down, use your arms reflexes to stretch upwards and raise both arms in the sky. As you land, make sure that you do so gently and without an accident. Make sure that your body is perfectly aligned as well. These depth jumps will actually prepare you in the right way for the kind of vertical jump you want.…