History Of African Mango And Weight Loss

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2017-01-05 0 Comments

Losing weight is a tough challenge for many people. Increasing body weight is quite easy contrary to losing weight gained. Fortunately, according to http://pastillasdemangoafricano.com, you can lose weight by using African mango extract. This fruit can be found in many parts of Western Africa. Usually, it is available in the rainforests. The mango is eaten directly from trees. It is also used to thicken soups. The main difference between regular mango you find in stores and supermarkets and African Mango is that it has a seed inside. The extract from this seed has been found to have numerous heath benefits.

A study conducted in 2005 at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon found out that it aided the process of losing weight. african mango for weight loss 1In the study, 40 participants were involved. Those who used the extract for 30 days were found to have lost an average of 6 lbs of weight. The fruit aids weight loss thanks to high amounts of leptin hormone it contains. Leptin is known to be natural appetite suppressant, which lowers your appetite for food by transmitting satiety signals to your brain. In addition, it helps your body to burn more fats. The results you get from using this weight loss supplement can differ from one person to another. However, the results are very encouraging.

The supplement will also help improve your cholesterol levels. Blood tests conducted on users, find a drop in cholesterol and triglycerides. Most importantly, it helps decrease the amount of bad cholesterol. Therefore, its regular use results decreased body weight, reduction of fats, improved fat oxidation levels, minimize fatigue, increased energy, and metabolism.

Experts in weight loss niche consider this supplement as a “miracle weight loss supplement”. The fruit has other health benefits. For instance, it contains fiber, which is very important in weight loss. Also, it helps your body with the digestion of foods and flushing out toxins from your body.

african mango for weight loss 2At first, researchers believed high amounts of antioxidants handled weight loss results. However, the extract has more than antioxidants. For instance, the fruit has health benefits to people suffering from diabetes. It can improve production of adiponectin. This is a hormone that boosts body’s sensitivity to insulin. It will also assist your body to burn more fats.

Recent studies have shown that this fruit helps reduce the number of carbohydrates your body absorbs. This lowers amount of calories your body absorbing. All these health benefits are responsible for the high popularity of African Mango. Unfortunately, consumers are likely to be overwhelmed with a lot of information and options concerning this product.