Nerve Pains In Feet

treatment for neuropathy in feet
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Nerves are message carriers from and to the brain from all parts of the body. When damaged, this system is interfered with, and normal functions become a challenge. The condition is what is referred to as neuropathy. Neuropathy comes in several different types. Peripheral neuropathy is the most common. It is a condition where nerves in the extremities, also known as peripheral nerves, are damaged. It may be a progressive condition, which may end up becoming debilitating if not handled appropriately.

In a majority of peripheral neuropathy cases, the patient loses the ability to use walkinglegs because motor nerves that help with movement are part of the peripheral nerves. The other types of neuropathy that might relate to the feet, apart from the common peripheral neuropathy, are highlighted below.

Types of Neuropathy

Diabetic sensory neuropathy

With this type, multiple nerves get affected but major effects are in the lower extremities, feet, and at times even in the hands. Sensation, and not the movement, is what is expected. The main cause for this is usually poor management of the diabetic condition over many years. With diabetic neuropathy, you are likely to experience stinging or burning pain in both feet.

Morton’s neuroma

This condition is also referred to as interdigital neuropathy. The name is because it affects the feet’s interdigital nerves located at the ball of the foot. It also affects sensations only and not movements. Symptoms include feeling pain between the web spaces of the toes when standing or walking.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

This neuropathy type affects the tibial nerve, which is located on the sole and the inside of the ankle. It also affects sensations only. Pain is felt under the foot along the inside of the ankle and in the arch. Walking makes the pain a lot worse. The pain comes as a shooting sensation, traveling up the lower leg.

Main symptoms of neuropathy in feet

neuropathy in feetFeet neuropathy may present different symptoms in different individuals, depending on the nerves damaged. For sensory nerve damage, common symptoms to watch out for may include tingling, numbness, burning sensation, and sensitivity. For injuries to motor nerves, you may experience muscle weakness, paralysis, dizziness, loss of sensation, drop in blood pressure, and intestinal problems.


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