What to Know Before Using an Instant Pot

2020-06-29 0 Comments

An instant pot is a wonderful machine that uses a combination of pressure and heat to cook food in almost half the time traditional methods take. You can use this machine for cooking almost any food include chicken recipe. It has many functions which can make it confusing to use. Here are some ways to ensure your cooking journey runs smoothly.

Start With the Basics

The first time you open an instant pot, you will get a lot of literature, which may be challenging to go through. However, at this point, all you need is the safety card and instruction booklet. After reading the basic instructions, you do not need to get lost in the numerous cooking options and features. For pressure cooking, you will be using the manual setting most of the time, so you do not need to learn much of the pre-programmed settings. You can learn only whatever you find useful.

Consider Pressure Release and Preheating Time

Every recipe has its cooking time and full temperature and pressure listed. This implies that you must allow time for the pot to preheat before this countdown begins depending on what you are cooking. Sometimes you need to allow the device preheat as long as you use it for cooking the dish. It would help if you accounted for your pot’s time to release pressure and normalize before opening it up. This will often take 30 minutes. During preheating, always ensure the steam valve is locked and sealed in position. This will ensure that pressure is building inside your instant pot.

Manage Your Expectations

Whereas the instant pot will pressure cook your stews and chilis quickly, you may miss some of the deep flavors that come only with time. It is ideal for making rice, beans, chicken, or eggs; however, you have to stick to the slow cook method for the flavor to develop a little more. Also, if you forget to plan ahead, the pressure cook feature will help to save dinner.

Always Include Liquid

If you decide to make your food without a recipe, remember to add at least a cup of water or any thin liquid to the food you are cooking. This can be broth, okay, or wine but not thick sauces such as BBQ. Thin liquids combined with the heat will create the pressure which the instant pot relies on to cook.

Use Recipes Designed for Instant Pot

It is advisable to use recipes designed specially for cooker features of the instant pot. This will ensure you get the ratios, cook times, and ingredient amounts right. You can get a lot of recipes online or check out apps that have instant pot recipes.…